The Benefits of Playing Piano

There are several ways one can improve their health such as good nutrition and regular workouts. The physical and mental benefits of doing both cannot be overlooked for they make you look and feel good!

Like diet and exercise, another method to exercise your body and mind that’s often overlooked is playing a musical instrument, such as the piano. Many pianists use this as an outlet to have an escape. They enjoy expressing themselves creatively while others enjoy it because of the health benefits it brings.

With the many options on the market it can become difficult to find one for you. The Kawai KDP90 is a popular selection boasting of several perks. Here are just a few benefits playing piano brings that can improve your overall quality of life.

1.        Improves Brain Function 

Several studies have shown that learning how to play piano can increase cognitive development and stimulates the brain in ways that other activities cannot. It’s a great activity to build discipline and confidence in yourself.

Additionally, your intellectual abilities will be sharpened making you smarter by activating parts of your brain used in spatial reasoning and mathematics. Not only this but playing piano can also improve your verbal memory while building good habits including creativity, perseverance, and focus.

2.        Improves Your Body

Playing piano is a workout (even though you’re sitting down). Regular playing sharpens fine motor skills and improves eye-hand coordination because when you read sheet music you are training your eyes to work closely together with your hands.

Additionally, the music itself can do wonder to improve your mood by decreasing the stress and anxiety in your life. Even if playing piano for a few minutes on busy days can help you unwind and allows your mind to refocus. It’s even been shown to lower blood pressure and increase your immune system.

3.        A Great Hobby for All Ages

You can learn how to play piano regardless of your age or skill level. All you need is motivation and the desire to learn. While some people hire instructors, you can learn how to play yourself by watching videos and reading books.

Consequently, if you know a pianist, you can ask for tips and advice from them to get started or improve your skills. For hundreds of years, the piano has been bringing together friends and family. Think about family gatherings – music is a great way to bring everyone together.

4.        It’s an Enjoyable Activity

The final benefit we will touch on is that playing the piano is enjoyable! It’s a great hobby to have and not only will you like playing, those around you will enjoy listening to you play. A nice way to disconnect from your daily routine, it has become a calming activity picked up by many people of all ages.

If this isn’t enough reasons to pick up a musical instrument like a piano, consider this: there are not any negative side effects from playing the piano. In fact, all the benefits are good for your body and mind. It gives you enjoyment, discipline, and creativity – three traits that will take you a long way in life.

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